She Moves In Mysterious Ways? #U2 #Glasgow

U2 play The Glagow Hydro tonight in what looks to be a fantastic show combining a little of their new album and a lot of their greatest hits.

It’s all about balance and that’s what the fans pay to see.

Take a lesson Paul Weller!

A curry and some beers with my closest brother and off to reminisce about the songs from our youth.

Hard to beat.

A friend of mine was at last nights gig and has been raving about it today.  So good that he’s going again tonight.

Personally I’ve only just started listening to the new album,  but that’s not what I’m there to see.

A friend of my friends was on stage for Mysterious Ways last night. How cool is this?

Set List from last night.

One thought on “She Moves In Mysterious Ways? #U2 #Glasgow

  1. Loved it! …and would love a dance with him!! Musicians….vocalists….feel the moves! DancingBhoy you know what I am talking about! Who knows DancingBhoy….one day we might have a dance….

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