For The Record Readers!

When was the last time that you bought a newspaper?

I mean actually reached into your pocket and paid your own money for one?

You don’t do you?

If you do then you are in an ever decreasing minority.

Like most people,  you’ve probably been aware for years that the sales of daily and Sunday newspapers was on the decline.  But like me you’ve not known how far their sales have fallen.

Check the graph below,  newspapers are dead in the water with the rare exception of The Evening Standard which is a free London only newspaper full of city and business news.

For more information on the actual numbers,  have a read at the attached page produced by the UK Audit Bureau of Circulations,

The reasons for this?

Basically they are crap,  full of celebrity bullshit and people can get this news in other ways.

The allegiances to the old political newspapers are dead.   No-one reads The Sun or The Mirror now for political news.   Most people get their information from tv,  which is why the sound-bite has became so important over recent years,

Glasgow’s or Scotland’s traditional read,  The Daily Record has seen serious decline in sales tumbling form 323k to 203k in only the past 5 years.

It’s a matter of time until it is defunct.

More info and historic stats,



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