The Game Changer?

Beautiful blue blonde new
Face Eyes Hair You
Warm Soft Tender Skin
With your smile my life begins

Your shiny face looks up at me
No words express your silent plea
I promise to give you all you need
A warm bed, a midnight feed

My life before seemed overflowing
Now I spent it watch you growing
new born tears when in your bath
but how I love it when we laugh

Now you’re tall dark and handsome
For you I’d give a kings ransom
Having you wasn’t in my plan
Yet you have made me a better man

The game changer .. everything changes when you have kids,  the games stop, family becomes the focus.

Now my 3 are all grown up and new games begin.

Catching up with Game Of Thrones,  just finished Season 2 and loving it .. bloody box-sets take over when I should be getting on with things!!

The Lannister song,  The Rains of Castamere is particularly haunting.

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