Don’t Believe The Faker?! .. #FakeReviews

I was browsing the web and came across a way to make money for writing .. I thought okay I’ll give this a look.

If you are interested have a look at

What they do is have writers and wannabe authors write fake product reviews .. fake because although they send a link to look at the product,  you have no actual hands-on experience of it.

That to me is immoral,  underhand commercialism.

Maybe its naive of me to think that these fake reviews don’t happen,   I often suspect them on, amazon etc.

Apparently writing a review of 150 words is worth 1 Euro?

What do you think?

Would you do it?

It’s not for me,  I think that it’s deceitful and against my personal moral code.

I’ve extracted a Product Review below which is for Givenchy, but there are others for Prada, Ralph Lauren etc.

Don’t believe the fakers!

Speaking of fakers ..  it’s Friday night and I’m staying in and washing my hair ..  but tomorrow night my favourite David Bowie tribute band play Oran Mor Glasgow.

They put on a great show and I’m really looking forward to it.

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Royal Caribbean or Norwegian Cruises? #Cruising

If you read my blog, you will know that I recently completed a week on the Norwegian Cruises ( NCL) on their Norwegian Epic sailing around the Mediterranean from Barcelona and had a fantastic time.

As I have prior cruising experience with Royal Caribbean ( RC ) over the past 2 years on both their Allure Of The Seas and Navigator Of The Seas,  I thought I’d put together a comparison.

First of all,  both cruise lines are excellent,  if anything my complaints are relatively minor,   there were no major issues which completely spoiled my enjoyment of the cruise but I have a few suggested improvements that could make this better.

Please note that this isn’t a comparison of the cruise itinerary as where you go is up to you,  but is regarding the details of the ships and service provided.

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Do you enjoy thrillers with a twist?

then you’ll probably enjoy Surveillance starring Bill Pulman,  written and directed by Jennifer Lynch and produced by her father David Lynch of Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet fame. 

It’s a serial killer thriller with a twist and now you know it has a twist,  like me you’ll probably see it coming and as the scene are shown out of time sequence then you’ll probably work out the end and the puzzle will be how it gets there. 

Enjoyable all the same .. Like waiting for a car crash to happen .. If you enjoy watching car crashes!  

The movie was released in 2008,  I must’ve missed it at the time.  But is currently on Now Tv and Sky on demand and well worth a look. 

Do You Remember Your First Love?

Well okay .. Do you remember your first car?

Fond memories i’d imagine,  it gave you a sense of freedom,  the ability to take off on your own .. and without having your parents pick you up or drop you off and no expensive taxi fares.

My first car when I passed my test in 1985 was an ancient Triumph Spitfire 1500 .. well it was first registered in 1974.

But I loved it.

It was a soft-top which round about Glasgow in those days was pretty unusual and I loved it ..  did I say that already?

My and my pals posing round Glasgow thinking we were the bees-knees and if I’m completely honest driving far too fast.

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Because we can-can-Cannes!

Cannes playground of the rich and famous certainly lives up to that description. 

It’s a gorgeous place,  the marina lined with huge luxury cruisers,  the promenade a list of every top brand designer. 

It’s not too bad for a wee boy from Govan either, even if I can’t afford Cartier or Gucci! 

There’s nothing like seeing or imagining how the other half live to make you feel …


Jealous?  Small? Poor? Insignificant?

If that’s the case then you my friend need to reevaluate yourself.    Money,  or the lack of it does not make you who you are. 

If you’re reading this,  you’re probably already quite fortunate in the grand scheme of things. 

Probably at home, work or you’re commute killing a bit of time browsing the crap available on the Internet. 

You and I really are quite fortunate. 

Enjoy what you have. 

If you don’t believe me, look at the news it could be a helluva lot worse. 

On a personal note lying here in the sun just had a call and an email cancelling my contract and giving me a few weeks notice. 

Should I worry?


But why bother, life throws these curve balls,   It’s more important to focus on dealing with it than worrying about it. 

Nobody Mention The W word?!

Thursday 3pm and the sun is near vertical overhead as we laze on our loungers on the top deck of the Norwegian Epic moored in the port of Livorno. 

It’s too hot,  too damn hot ..  I repeat. 

Thankfully the waiters seem friendly and my outcry seems to inspire them to bring another pint .. Or is half litte ? ..  Of cold refreshing Stella Artois. 

All thoughts of what we did this time last week or what we will be doing this time next week are lost. 

Nobody mention the W word!

No Florence For me!

Today we are docked at Livorno, the port for Pisa and Florence.

It’s a beautiful sunny day, the sea is calm and there’s only the gentlest cooling breeze.

Do we make the 2 hour journey to Florence, spend a few hours walking around its historic sites such as the beautiful Doumo and Michaelangelo’s David or do we give it a miss as we already visited this time last year?

Florence is beautiful,  the birthplace of the Renaissance,  were science and art first combined to stand against the rule of the church.

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