Whats your poison? #LegalHighs Or #Alcohol

Hey what can I get you?

A beer, wine, vodka some other psycho-active substance?

Go on help yourself .. you know you want to.

Seriously,  go on,  kill yourself,  it’s your life,  do what you like.

Right ..  enough kidology.

Did you happen to see the statistics published today for legal high deaths in Scotland.   I’ve included a few links below for your perusal.

Last year there were 114 deaths from so called “legal highs” compared with only 4 in 2009.

A 30 fold increase obviously indicating the popularity and availability of these substances.

Big news .. huh?

Terrible isn’t it?

Those poor kids out there taking fuck-knows-what and dying as a result of it.

You think?

Well let me put this in context with some other stats that don’t quite make the headlines.

In the same period for 2014,  there were 1,152 alcohol related deaths in Scotland,  with 36,206 hospital stays of which 92% were related to emergency admissions.

Of violent crime,  60% was were the perpetrator was under the influence of alcohol.

65% of the almost 100,000 GP consultations for alcohol related issues were for people aged 65 and over.

Coincidentally, the sales of newspapers are falling,  the biggest demographic for newspapers sales are older people as younger people get their news online or via social media.

So what are we saying here?

First of all,  I’m not in favour of legalising any drugs,  I am also in favour of either outlawing or at least regulating and controlling these “legal highs” and preventing our kids from taking shit that has not been fully tested.

But the media needs to stop pointing fingers at what their main demographic perceives as illicit,  whilst at the same time omitting the fact that alcohol the drug of choice of their main demographic has a much higher cost on the community.

So whats your poison?

In the ideal world,  I’d say..  have what you like .. take as much as you like .. but take personal responsibility for it.

But it doesn’t work like that does it?

Both alcohol and drugs cause people to lose any notion of personal responsibility,  most of the time that might just be daft behaviour or a day off work,  not violence or serious illness.

The difference is that there are a lot more people taking alcohol their legal high of choice rather than drugs,  legal or not.

That alcohol is heavily taxed,  pays for any consequences that may have on the healthcare system.

So although I’m actually against legalising any drugs,  quite the opposite,  in reality its happening whether we like it or not,  so why not legalise it, control it and tax the hell out of it.

More importantly,  I’d rather that if our kids want to get “high” they are taking some known substance than something produced in a back street lab with components made from god knows what.

Scotland is a small country, 5-6 million people,  pretty good health care considering its free.  But amazing at collecting statistics .. pity there isn’t more of that budget spent on the health care than collecting the statistics.

Legal Highs




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