The Actor, the Journalist and The Prime Minister? #piggate

What do you make of this #piggate fiasco?

In case you missed there have been recent revelations that during his days at Oxford University and long before he was the UK Prime Minister,  David Cameron put his private parts in the mouth of a dead pig.

Apparently this was part of the initiation ceremony for joining the Gaveson club for posh prats,   and quelle surprise the PM may have indulged in drugs too.

Maybe he’s not as straight-laced as he appears nowadays.

The reason this has come to light is in the biography written by Lord Ashcroft a wealthy Tory peer and party contributor who alleges that he knows someone who knows the deed was done and may have photographic evidence.

I’m no fan of the Tory party,  I’m certainly not a fan of David Cameron,  but everyone deserves to be treated fairly and to allege such outrageous claims based on hearsay stinks.

For the Daily Mail to publish this article without evidence stinks and must leave themselves open to litigation.

I ask myself why was this published?

Simple .. because this billionaire Lord Ashcroft was snubbed by David Cameron because he didn’t get a significant job when the Tory’s came to power.

More greed .. not for money,  for power.  This guy Ashcroft is a Billionaire,  was a registered non-dom,  therefore paid minimal tax in the UK although he lived here.   Apparently he has fallen out with the PM because he didn’t get a “job”

Certainly he doesn’t need the money .. so its a power trip obviously lining his or some of his friends pockets along the way.

But did the PM stick his dick in the mouth of a pig or not?

Does it matter?

Should it matter what some over-privileged posh kid did at university?

Not really,   but as he’s not PM its dynamite for entertainment value and twitter is full of it.

This piggate issue doesn’t matter to me, I don’t care what people did 20 years ago,  I care what he does as PM now.

I care that he is affecting the poor,  closing down the NHS,  lining the pockets of his Tory peers to the detriment of everyone else.

But I’ll tell you what is interesting.

1 – How the rich and powerful play dirty when they don’t get their demands.

I”m sure like me,  you’ve probably got some dirt on some mates of yours.

But if they became famous,  would you make it public even although we don’t speak these days .. no,  because that would be petty, malicious and lowering our own standards,

So in doing so this is a simply a case of malicious petty revenge.

Childish in the extreme.

By a billionaire makes it even more pathetic

2 – The Daily Mail must have consulted the PM’s office before publishing this and given him the chance to defend himself.

Then why hasn’t he defended himself against such outrageous allegations?

There has been no clear and unambiguous statement denying this in fact occurred,  which only adds to the belief that in fact it did happen.

Coincidently the Daily Mail is also owned by a billionaire with non-dom status which David Camerons government has promised to abolish from 2016 at last years budget.

3 – Who else did possibly took part in this behaviour.

Other members of the Gaveson club include Private Eye editor Ian Hyslop and actor Hugh Grant.

I wonder,  does that make piggate less or more likely to be true?

As a political satirist,  it will be interesting to read what Mr Hyslop has to say on the subject .. or is what happened 20 years ago in their posh-boys club off limits and embarrassing for everyone so don’t talk about it?

What happened in Gaveson says in Gaveson?

Unless you get snubbed!

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