Work Stories – Transitions?

You may remember my post a few weeks ago Mysterious Ways about someone up there liking me?

Basically I don’t think my direct boss does, so I was surprised when my contract was renewed.

With that in mind it came as a surprise when a few weeks later while I was on holiday the call came through that my contract was being cancelled.

Just two weeks notice and I’m on my last week .. Bummer!

The joys of contracting, twice the pay but no safety net when for some reason you get pulled.

It’s a pain, it kinda hurts when you’re going to meetings and their talking about ongoing work with the client and you’re not part of it.

Well it does hurt. It feels like for some reason I’ve been dumped like yesterday’s clothes, last weeks bread, yesterday’s news.

But here’s the thing, If in my earlier post I believed that someone up there likes me.

Does this now imply that someone up there doesn’t?

Don’t be daft.

It doesn’t work like that.

If someone up there likes you then they will always like you.

Have no doubts of that.

Right now is a transition, We’ve all been there, unexpected issues take us off our chosen path, causes us some heartache, sleepless nights.

But we either give up or get on.

And I’m not a give up kinda guy.

I’ve already got the ball rolling, CV updated, a few feelers out there.

When my alarm went off at 630am this morning, it was dark and raining in Glasgow. I thought, who really needs this daily trip of 1.5 hours each way to Edinburgh?

Not me. Not over the winter months.

So if someone up there does like me, let’s see what happens in the next few weeks, hopefully something turns up locally without the trek.

If someone up there likes you, then maybe when you get a set back, you just need to view it as a transition. A step backwards so that you can move forwards.

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

4 thoughts on “Work Stories – Transitions?

    1. Not yet, got a few irons in the fire tho.

      I’ve decided to use the time productively and currently looking at franchises.

      I might even get round to finishing a few things and self publish.

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