Ugly Thoughts for Ugly People. 

I like this quote by Roald Dahl from his book The Twits.

Even if someone is attractive,  if they are twisted by ugly malicious thoughts it begins to show in their face.

If they have some inbuilt hatred against other people learned from an early stage in life,  then how can they turn out to be anything else but ugly?

You know who I mean … The haters,  they weren’t born as haters,  they learned from their parents and peers.

Now all they do is hate.

A whole lifetime of hating that other group that they believe are inferior,  their enemy,  that deserve to be mistreated or abused.

To protect themselves,  their family and friends and way of life from this perceived enemy then they have to hate them, vilify them,  dehumanise them so that they can justify their abuse.

They have no other choice or so they believe.

One day they look in the mirror and realise that their face is lined and  fallen,  their eyes droopy, their smile and nose crooked.

They wonder what happened to that attractive innocent unbiased child they used to be.

The truth is that they wasted too much time and energy on hate.

What happens next is up to them.

They can choose to continue to hate and remain forever ugly.

If they make that choice then they will die ugly.

Their beautiful innocent grandchildren  born into a different world. will look at them and hear their poisonous thoughts and think they were stupid old people who were born ugly and twisted.

Alternatuvely, the haters can choose to look at the world changing all around them , accept it and stop thinking their ugly poisoned thoughts.

Then do you know what happens next?

Well unfortunately they will still be ugly,  the damage is done,   It’s too late to be handsome or pretty.

But if you think good thoughts,  then your inner light shines through.

Good people really can’t be anything else but beautiful,  their kindness and inner beauty lights up their faces.

Their smile transfers to the people around them,  their wisdom and knowledge defeats ugliness and hatred.

In the long term there can only be one winner as people aren’t born ugly and twisted.

Sone day I don’t know when I know we will all be beautiful and shine together.

Just stop hating.

It’s within your power,  just stop it.

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