Don’t Believe The Faker?! .. #FakeReviews

I was browsing the web and came across a way to make money for writing .. I thought okay I’ll give this a look.

If you are interested have a look at

What they do is have writers and wannabe authors write fake product reviews .. fake because although they send a link to look at the product,  you have no actual hands-on experience of it.

That to me is immoral,  underhand commercialism.

Maybe its naive of me to think that these fake reviews don’t happen,   I often suspect them on, amazon etc.

Apparently writing a review of 150 words is worth 1 Euro?

What do you think?

Would you do it?

It’s not for me,  I think that it’s deceitful and against my personal moral code.

I’ve extracted a Product Review below which is for Givenchy, but there are others for Prada, Ralph Lauren etc.

Don’t believe the fakers!

Speaking of fakers ..  it’s Friday night and I’m staying in and washing my hair ..  but tomorrow night my favourite David Bowie tribute band play Oran Mor Glasgow.

They put on a great show and I’m really looking forward to it.

TextBroker Product Review Assignment

Chosen keyword: montblancmb510s –
Chosen category: Product Descriptions
Deadline: 1 day
Word Count: 100 – 120
Possible earnings: 0.95 € – 1.14 €
Client ID:
my note:


Countdown: You have 07:32 (mm:ss) to accept this order.
Client Instructions (Important!)

Text Broker Brief


To obtain 1 long description and 1 Meta description for each product link.

Long descriptions

Perfect UK English spelling and grammar, written naturally and for real people.

60-100 words each (make sure not every description is the same length).

Descriptive of the specific product and its properties – colour, thickness, style, feel, style etc. and not just reiterate the spec.

Be interesting, engaging, exciting and entice people to read and want to buy without being overly salesy. Use emotion effectively, discussing how it makes you look and feel and the style. Example:

A good example of this working well, as it discusses what makes it unique and better than other frames.

Must include the brand/manufacturer, the model number or model name and the colour once, included naturally.

IMPORTANT! Please place three star symbols in front of the long description (***) See example below.

Meta Description

These should be no more than 150 characters and include the brand/manufacturer, the model number or model name and the colour once, included naturally. The idea with the meta description is to encourage clicks through from the search engines, so the more engaging this is for people search for a specific product the better. It should be attractive and low risk, allowing the main product description to sell the product itself once they’re on the site.

IMPORTANT! Please place three hashtag symbols in front of the meta description (###). See example below.



Givenchy 826

Long Description:

*** These stylish aviator-style Givenchy 826 sunglasses offer the wearer all of the chic style that you would expect of this high fashion brand, which has been producing luxury products since 1952 and outdoing itself time and time again since then. The black frames of the 826 provide a comfortable fit with a width of 142mm, perfect for most faces. The full rim frames hold the lenses, which offer total protection from harmful and obscuring UV rays, securely.

The classic design is suited to anyone with a keen eye for fashion, so buy a pair today and take advantage of the free delivery throughout the UK, along with a free case and cleaning cloth.

Meta description:

### Take a look at our aviator-style women’s Givenchy 826 sunglasses available at SCLO at low prices. Free UK shipping and 14-day money-back guarantee.

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