Do You Remember Your First Love?

Well okay .. Do you remember your first car?

Fond memories i’d imagine,  it gave you a sense of freedom,  the ability to take off on your own .. and without having your parents pick you up or drop you off and no expensive taxi fares.

My first car when I passed my test in 1985 was an ancient Triumph Spitfire 1500 .. well it was first registered in 1974.

But I loved it.

It was a soft-top which round about Glasgow in those days was pretty unusual and I loved it ..  did I say that already?

My and my pals posing round Glasgow thinking we were the bees-knees and if I’m completely honest driving far too fast.

The car wasn’t the fastest car and certainly not by todays standards, but back then it felt like the wind and better acceleration than most other cars on the road with its relatively high power to weight ratio.

Anyway .. I was thinking about it and consider buying an old one as a fixer upper for old times sake and came across the following website which gives the stats on how many of your favourite car are left on the UK roads.

There was just under 100k of this model manufactured,  but last year in the UK there was only 1.2k registered for road tax.  interestingly going up to 1.5k this year.

As expected with it being a soft-top,  the number registered SORN ( Statutory Off Road Notification ) fluctuates over the period since this was introduced a few years ago.  People obviously have this as a toy and only tax it for the summer months.

If you’d like to see how many of your favourite car are still on the road have a look here.

Triumph Spiftire Stats

Triumph Spitfire Stats


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