No Florence For me!

Today we are docked at Livorno, the port for Pisa and Florence.

It’s a beautiful sunny day, the sea is calm and there’s only the gentlest cooling breeze.

Do we make the 2 hour journey to Florence, spend a few hours walking around its historic sites such as the beautiful Doumo and Michaelangelo’s David or do we give it a miss as we already visited this time last year?

Florence is beautiful,  the birthplace of the Renaissance,  were science and art first combined to stand against the rule of the church.

What I learned last time is that a few hours isn’t enough to do it justice and I’d like to spend more time there.

Add in the factor of a minimum 200 dollar per person charge for a bus run,  particularly when this seems ultra expensive when compared with the 80 bucks that Royal Caribbean charged last year for the journey plus guides walking tour.

It made an easy decision.

Today we are making the most of a near empty ship,  lying in the sun having our drinks brought to us.

What’s not to like?


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