Inferior Crusing?  … #travel #perspective


My last post before we left port in Barcelona was regarding my experience of being upgraded to club class.

It was a nice treat, but I want really comfortable with this curtain divisor.

Today we are on the way to Roma having spent the past few days on the Norwegain Epic cruise around the med.

It’s hard not to compare the experience with my last two years cruising with Roysl Caribbean.    But I’ll save for a later post when there’s more time and the holidays over.

The irony of this cruise is that we are in the other side of the curtain as NCL operate a VIP section called The Haven,  which isn’t actually VIP just an upgrade but has the choice parts of the ship reserved for its members.

Now if you know me .. I’m second best to nobody.    That doesn’t mean I think I’m better than anyone.   I just don’t like division based purely on money.

Now you might think that’s unrealistic,  it may be in the grand scheme of things.

But everyone on this cruise has paid 1000 pounds minimum to enjoy their holiday. That excludes the additional costs of drinks, excursions and service charges that are 18% on everything.

Bumps the cost up to around 1500 pounds per head for a week and that’s without excursions of extras and does not include flights.

For me that means, enough that there shouldn’t be barriers.

Particularly as Norwegian Cruises advertise themselves as the casual cruise company, less formal and more laid back than other cruises.

It’s casual, wear what you like,  eat anywhere, anytime as the blurb says.

Just don’t try and go to the bars of restaurants behind the barrier.

Fuck off I say.

I accept no barriers.

Meantime we are here now so lets just enjoy.

The pic is the sun setting over Napoli ( Naples) as we left port last night.

2 thoughts on “Inferior Crusing?  … #travel #perspective

  1. The world, sad to say, will always be divided … 😁… those who have v those who have not 😱…. It’s how you deal with it 👍…

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