Superior Flying? #travel #perspective

So there we were waiting on our flights to Barcelona from Heathrow, last minute fuss about the tickets as we’d rearranged our flights from yesterday to spend another day in London with family.

London, vast sprawling metropolis but surprising leafy suburbs with large detached houses. We spent a few nights near Camberley.    The Ferrari and Bentley dealerships tells you all you need to know about the area. 

Today we are up early for our flight, last minute panic as we pack the stuff we’d used in the past few days. 

At the gate we are upgraded to Club Class. Oh yes please, nicer food, champagne on demand. 

It’s just a shame that all travel isn’t like this. 

Once upon a time, air travel seemed glamorous. I remember my aunts going on holiday dressed to the nines. It was a big deal in the late 60s, early 70s. 

We are on the last row of the club area. First to board, settled, paper open and headphones on. 

The rest of the passengers are boarding, looking at us as they pass.  

They’d already heard the decisive call at the gate. 

“Would all passengers in Club World rows 1 to 6 please proceed to gate A”

They pas us as the board taking their seats behind. 

I can see the expression on their faces.

How come your getting club class and we’re not?

Snobby bastards think they are better than everyone else?

I get it, I’ve been that guy. I usually am.  

We take off without issue, sailing throw the little puffy clouds. 

Then just to emphasise the difference, the gulf between club and economy, the hostess pulls a curtain over behind us. Dividing us from them. 

Us? Them?

There is no us and them. 

There is no superiority here, no divide for a bauble such as upgraded good and free champagne. 

We are all the same. 

Is it a shame the airlines don’t see it that way?

Or is it marketing and price that divides us?

Do the people who pay for upgraded seats feel superior, or do they just enjoy the little luxury?

I imagine it’s mixed. 

But one thing I do know is if people think that they are superior because of the price they pay then they are only fooling themselves. 

But it’s nice to feel treated. 

Particularly on a freebie. 

Now descending to Barcelona. The Mediterranean looks blue below us. 

A couple of goes from now we’ll be on the ship sipping cocktails and waiting to depart. 

Love it. 


3 thoughts on “Superior Flying? #travel #perspective

  1. I mean, what you’ve written here makes sense. Enjoying the luxury is cool, but feeling superior because you had the extra money to spend, is being shallow.

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