From Dusk Til Dawn …

its after midnight and I’m channel surfing.

Even although I was awake at 5am yesterday,  I can’t sleep.

No idea why.

Nothing on my mind,  zero stress and I’m looking forward to my holiday that I only booked the other today leaving tomorrow.

Flicking channels I came across this beauty ..

The actress Salma Hayek or the film?

Isn’t she stunning?

Once upon a time 10 years ago I was newly divorced and channel surfing at 5am …  Old habits die hard  .. when I came across the movie.

At first it seemed like you’re average gangster movie with the usual Tarantino styling.  I’m a big fan.

So probably like most people I watched the movie, enjoying the interaction between George Clooney, Harvey Kietel and Quentin himself.

They get to the Titty Twister bar just over the Mexican border which is a hotbed of debauchery, topless lap dancers etc.

It was 5am and I’m thinking this looks interesting!

Then Salma does her snake dance,  striding across tables and pushing her foot in Tarantimos wide mouth,  pouring tequila down her leg then swapping it from her mouth to his.


Not that I find feet sexy but it’s an extremely hot scene.

A fight follows were the sight of blood converts Salma, the dancers, bouncers, band etc into vampires and I’m thinking. WTF happened there!!

Watching the scene again last night,  it was enough to send this boy to sleep with a smile on his face!!

Got a fantastic cruise deal, the week before the offer wasn’t as good still on the brochure price. 

This late?  They’re having a laugh when there was obvious availability. 

But when I booked it online on Sunday night we got the ultimate drinks package worth 250 pounds each in the price. 

On checking in last night,  as an additional bonus we have complimentary access to the spa facilities. 

Late bookings are the way to do it. If you can handle that little bit of uncertainty. 

My experience is that it always works out okay. 

Glasgow, London, Barcelona, Naples, Rome, Florence, Palma, Cannes .. Champagne and cocktail drinks and Spa package.

It’s going to be amazing.

It’s going to be Norwegian Epic.




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