Me .. Me .. Me!! 

Why is it that people often ( mostly ) speak with an agenda?

Me me me … 

It’s usually how good I am or please feel sorry for me.  

Either position is to gain attention from their viewers. 

Take Facebook for example.  Every time some people go out for a drink they need to post about it. 

Oh look yes we’re having a really good time.  Honest!  

Or if they’ve fell out with their partner its the usual crap about the right person in your life will stay blah blah fucking blah. 

Yep you’ve been dumped or dumped the other person. . Now you’ve got to bleat about it .. Posting messages about karma etc. 

God save me from any sad fucker who constantly puts up pics of their pet. 

Yeah you’ve got a dog / cat / budgie. 

Yes it’s cute. 

But seen that .. Don’t need to see it again or at least not five times a day. 

And worse ..  you’re putting up shit about other people’s pets .. That’s even sadder .. Is your pet not entertaining enough?

One of the saddest things tho is people who constantly post music videos after 10pm. 

You just know that their sitting on their own, probably after a few drinks and a bit lonely and looking for attention. 

A good friend of mine is like that.   Married but him and his wife sit in different rooms. The guy is desperate for a life. But she’s ill and he feels sorry for her and is trapped in circumstances. 

Or maybe he just loves her and that works for them?   

The thing that irked me into writing this was a family member sending out the above pic of two women .. One the  traditional young model, tall slim gorgeous. 

The other, a bigger girl, no less gorgeous … Although if she drops her arms her tummy is going to cascade over her pants like a wobbly waterfall of fat. 

But if that works for you ..

No prizes for guessing what camp my family member falls into!

But that’s not what irked me. 

What did irk me is that it wasn’t enough to say that this bigger girl was gorgeous. 

That’s ok by me. 

It’s the negativity towards the slimmer more traditionally good looking girl. 

And the negativity to men who find slimmer girls more attractive. 

That just stinks.  

It crossed the line from being about heavier girls being attractive to slim girls being unattractive and the men who like them being “dogs”. 

It went from being about boosting herself to bringing down someone else. 

I don’t like that. 

Still here’s the thing ..  we all have opinions.  

Hers is no less valuable than mine, or the cat lover, or the sad fucker, or the attention seeker or the person who’s been dumped wishing karma to take its revenge. 

Opinions .. We’ve all got them. 

Thank heavens we live in a society were we can have an opinion and are free to voice it even if it’s only about cats music pubs holidays etc. 

But wouldn’t it be interesting if we took all that time and energy wasted on our public profiles, looking at cats etc and did something positive with it?

My instinct tells me that while we are looking at a screen all day then we are missing out on what’s going on in the world around us. 

All part of the deliberate dumbing down of society where people live in mediocrity surrounded by the banality of Facebook and are afraid to stand up and say what they are really thinking for fear of being ostracised. 

When in reality many people are already thinking the same thoughts. 

But that’s only my opinion!’


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