Can You Imagine life without her? … #humour #perspective

Can you imagine?

For some reason she’s gone from your life?

Maybe because of some stupid reason?

Something you said?

Even if you were right, maybe it was tactless, inconsiderate to her feelings. 

Something you did?


Well if it’s redeemable then redeem it. 

Apologise, confess, make retribution and don’t let it happen again. 

Imagine life without her. 

That emptiness that she fills. 

Her smile, her face, the way you think about her when you actually think about how she makes you feel, how she’s enhanced your life. 

Think of all the things she does for you, that she does this without needing to be asked or thanked. 

Maybe you took her for granted, made her feel unappreciated, created a resentment that festered and grew out of proportion. 

A small thing to you can mean a lot to her and she has her pride. 

Yes she does. She didn’t come this far in life relying on you. You’re an addition to her life and not the centre of it. 

So if you want her in it, then apologise. 

Put your hands up and ask her forgiveness. 

I can hear your protest, yeah you have a point, but stop being a prick about it. 

Just shut up and do it. 

Or you’ll miss her when she’s gone. 

It’s the last Friday of the month, I forgot to leave out the cash for my cleaner. 

She’s really pissed off with me!!

Don’t know what I’d do without her!! 🙂

Tonight The Waterboys play Princes Garden Edinburgh as part of Magners Summer Nights at the Edinburgh Festival. 

I wasn’t a fan when I was younger apart from The Whole Of The Moon.  

But life moves on, tastes changes, people can relate to songs that once meant nothing to them. 

They did the original version of How Long Will I Love You recently covered by Ellie Golding and personally I think theirs is better, rawer, conveys more emotion although I like the EG version too. 


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