Work Stories – Swans?

I was chatting to a colleague of mine Edward at lunchtime,   he’s a nice guy but a bit out-there.

It was his 50th last week,  he spent it on his own .. now I’m not an unsympathetic bloke,  and I woud have bought him a beer and a curry if it hadn’t been for heading down to London.

Anyway,  at lunch he tells me a story which kinda sums him up and I think was hilarious in a .. I shouldn’t really be laughing kinda way! 

He’s been staying in a Hotel in the Gyle, about 5 miniutes walk from my work.

We also have a Czech guy called Thomas working in our team,  he’s staying there too.

This morning,  Edward is walking along to the office,  a busy dual carraigeway on his right and a 4 foot wall on the left.

He notices that he needs to tie his laces,  but as he bends down he spots Thomas 50 yards behind him.

Edward carries on tying his laces,  but when he stands up and looks around expecting Thomas to be somewhere behind him,  Thomas is nowhere to be seen.

Hhhhhmmm .. thinks Edward .. I wonder where he’s gone?

So he walks back and looks over the wall, where he finds Thomas crouching down hidiing.

Edward .. Are you hiding from me?

Thomas .. errr .. No.   he says standing up and pretending everything is normal.

Edward .. Well what were you doing then?

Thomas .. his face flushing .. Err,  nothing!!
All very Pthonesque!!

Thomas actually jumped over a four foot wall to avoid Edward and then pretended that nothing had happened.    

Edward was telling me this at lunchtime and asking me if people don’t like him!

I actually do like him,  but could’t help but laughing which he wasn’t too happy.

The thing is,  he’s harmless,  just socially awkward and its one of these self-fulfilling loops that people get stuck in,   if you’re socially awkward,  make a few gaffs,   then people may shy away fr you, so you don’t really get the chance to improve youre social skills. 

Bit of a shame really,  been there,  I was that person a long time ago,  I was a square-peg in a round hole.   not prepared for the life I found myself in.

It can make or break you,  destroy your confidence,  your self-esteem,   you either wise up to the expected norm,  put a mask on to ft in or you move on to somewhere where you do fit.

In my case it was ship-building many years ago,  pretty rough environment,  before I left and went to university to change my career and life-path and found my niche and my confidence and flourished.

For Edward, aged 50, I fear that might be too late.

Rubbish,  it’s never too late,  he just needs to find people who appreciate him and what he has to offer,  people who don’t judge him because he’s a swan in a world full of ducks.

Maybe .. just maybe you can relate to that story .. maybe you were that person too.

Maybe you’ve found your niche,  if you know any people like Edward,  help them find theirs.

As for Thomas,  that was just rude, cowardly,  instead of spending 5 minutes walking along the road with another human being and spending the time of day, even if it wasn’t the most scintilating conversation,  jumping a wall to avoid someone is extreme even if it is hilarious.


Right enough   that was a 100% true story,  nothing worse than feeling alone in a crowd.

Tonight one of my favourite bands James are playing Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh.

Can’t wait, 

Born Of Frustration .. one of my favourite James songs

I’ll be the one making the Injun noises!!   🙂


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