Train Stories – Top Gun?!

It’s almost 5pm on Friday afternoon,  unusual for me, I’m on the train heading towards London for the weekend. 

Been on the train since 12, logged into my work as connectivity allows which is pretty rubbish to be honest. 

Sometimes you pass a cell, get 4G just long enough to securely login, then bump it’s gone again.  

Pisses me off,  but fortunately I did enough to warrant billing for the day. 

Remember .. I only pretend that I work for a living!   

At Lancaster, a young man joins the train, noticeably handsome in an all natural, almost too good to be true kinda way. 

Handsome, hunky, healthy bright eyes and a perfect smile. 

If I was a girl ..  

But I’m not so shut it!!  🙂

Anyway,  he sits in our 4 person booth and places The Stand by Stephen King,  on the small table in front of him, a book I read must be 25 years ago. 

A conversation ensues, he’s so young that he’s not even heard of The Shining, Salems Lot, Misery. 

But he’s articulate, charming, well-mannered,  funny in a quietly confident understated way. 

Enough of the praise .. 

Then the conversation turns to what we do,  he’s only leaning to fly jets and started his training on the F35 fighter jet. 

Now if I could live my life over and have my dream job,  that’s what I’d choose to do.  

We chatted for the next few hours, the F35, Euro-Fighter, Harrier Jump Jet etc. 

Then I asked ..  Have you ever do the song in a bar to impress a girl ..

Of course he did ..

And why wouldn’t you!!  🙂

You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips …  

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