Dads,  Daughters, Changes And Supporting The #Celtic.

18 years ago today,  at the Glasgow Southern(  aka Suffering )   General Hospital  my younger daughter Claire came into the world.

Now I ask you seriously .. where the hell did that go?

A new baby,  divorce,  new houses, relationships,  ups, downs, transitions in most aspects of life.

18 years ago,  my ex-wife Alison and I lived in the leafy suburbs of Newton Mearns,  all was good, as it should be when you’re bringing a brand-spanking-new wee bundle into the world.

We had only just moved into a large 4 bedroom detached house,  i was recently self-employed and business was booming.    I had a couple of season books at Celtic Park and it had hurt like hell taking my son Steven along only to see his heart broken when Rangers were winning the league.   

At that time, this now defunct, liquidated Football club were on the verge of winning 10 Scottish Premier League Championships in a row beating Celtic’s record of 9.    

But Wim Jansen had just became Celtic’s manager and all that was to change,  this was the year that Celtic came back winning the league for the first time in 10 years on May 10 1998, what a day that was.

Since then Celtic have been the dominant force in Scottish Football winning the league on 11 years of Claires 18.

Last night,  we had a family dinner to celebrate Claires birthday.

Tonight, we are at Celtic Park supporting the team in The Champions League,  we can’t wait to hear those tones of Zadok The Priest belting out at Celtic Park and the crowd going wild.

Maybe Claire’s birthday has made me reflective,   but what it’s made me realise is that some things in life  change, but somethings will always stay the same.  

 I hate to say it because I have had so much fun winding my Rangers supporting pals up,  but even although their club died as a business,  even although the new team is a shadow of the old one,  my mates will always be fans of the team hat plays in blue at Ibrox .. call it what you will .. but they will always be Rangers fans 

Take my good pals Ian and Jim, when we played football in the park Jim was always John Greig or Davie Cooper .. I was always Billy McNeil or  Kenny Dagleish or Davie Hay.    I was never good enough to be Jimmy Johnstone,  but i wasn’t too bad at putting the ball in the net or the boot in when necessary.

Jim and Ians daughters are a mix of Celtic and Rangers fans .. thats fine .. all lovely kids.

But their grand-kids will be Celtic fans!   🙂

Bring on the Malmo.

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