Tran Stories – Happy or Mental? …. #humour

5pm and I’m waiting on the train back to Glasgow from Edinburgh Park.

The sun is splitting the sky and there’s a heavy heat in the air.

Typically .. People are moaning about it being too hot.

This is Scotland fur-fox-ache!

Just think yourself lucky that it’s not pissing down all summer long as usual.

I heard him before I seen him.

It was a meerkat moment!

You know that way that you’re standing there looking down at your phone like everyone else,  then all of a sudden something unusual happens and everyone’s head pops up and looks the one way?

This young guy, 25, Liam Gallagher lookalike, has entered the far end of the platform 150 yards away.

Nothing wrong or unusual with that ..

But he’s singing at the top of his voice ..

“Oh what a beautiful morning .. Oh what a beautiful day .. I’ve got a wonderful feeling .. Everything’s going my way”

And I mean at the top of his voice and he has it on repeat.

He’s a big guy but he doesn’t sound anything like Howard Keel in Oklahoma or was it 7 Brides?

Liam Gallagher does 7 Brides?

Well he was a bit of a lad!

Lookalike walks down the platform heading my way,  people stare, not making direct eye contact in case the guy really is a madman but he smiles at them and as he passes they smile back.

As he approaches,  the volume seems louder. .,

But that’s only because he’s closer!! 🙂

I’m looking round for the hidden cameras but there aren’t any ..

Maybe that’s because their hidden ..

He walks past me and I smile too,  he stops at the far end of the platform belting it out, his arms up as he reaches the crescendo …

Everything’s going my waaaaaaay!

A few moments later he’s onto something from West Side Story ..

Boy boy crazy boy ..

An early number in the movie but I’ve no idea what’s it’s called.

The train arrives and everyone rushes to board except for crazy guy.  He’s still standing there singing.

In a way it’s kind of wonderful isn’t?

That people can do what the hell they like and no one bothers them  .. We all think he’s mental but maybe that says more about us as he’s obviously enjoying himself.

Now I’m standing on a hot un-air-conditioned overpacked train full of other commuters packed in like sardines

The guy is smiling and singing as the train leaves the platform.

I’m wondering which one of us is the crazier?

The film was Oklahoma! .. which featured Gordon MacRae as Curly,  the role Howard Keel had on Broadway.

This was the first musical written by composers Rodgers and Hammerstein,  who also wrote Carousel, The Sound Of Music,  The King and I amongst many others.

Part of the music of my childhood.

3 thoughts on “Tran Stories – Happy or Mental? …. #humour

  1. I love those Musicals! My daughter”s favourite movie of all times….. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
    No kidding. I might have to belt out a song when I reach Scotland!

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