Work Stories –  Mysterious Ways?   ……  #inspiration #perspective #humour

Yesterday, I had my usual 930 meeting at work .. In typical IT geek fashion they call it a scrum, which is part of a sprint .. Blah fecking blah!

I don’t think my manager likes me .. He’s one of these IT geeks who have never worked in the real world.

He’s thinks he’s a perfectionist .. Whereas I tell it as it is and I don’t really give a fuck.

Work is bollocks, who really wants to do this shit?

Personally I’d much rather be on a beach.

Anyway, the guy seems to think, I have an attitude.

Don’t see it myself. 🙂

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t like my face ..

Maybe it’s because I’ve got a low bullshit tolerance

Or maybe it’s because he’s a complete fucking dick.

Anyway … Dick or no dick, I’ve been putting the hours in, yep my friends I’ve even worked a few weekends at unsociable hours just to get the job done when no one else was prepared to do it.

You see despite my low bullshit tolerance, I actually enjoy my work and don’t mind going the extra mile to get it done.

I just don’t complicate shit that should be simple …

So boss guy doesn’t like me .. Maybe it’s a personality thing .. He doesn’t have any!

But when the pressure was on, I was the guy putting the hours in, and the boss at the end client bank I’m working for does seem to appreciate what I do even although there’s no direct contact.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been running out of work, phase 1 is more or less done and there’s a lull waiting on phase 2 to kick in

My contract is up in 2 weeks and I’ve had a growing anxiety about it because despite my churlish attitude, I have bills to pay like everybody else.

At yesterday’s “scrum” same as last weeks scrums, I was asked what I’m doing, not a lot was my honest reply .. Cos I’m really good at dressing stuff up. 🙂

But I did say to my boss, if you’ve got anything else you want me to look at then let me know.

His smug response .. I think we’ve got it covered.

Ominous .. I thought.

Back at my desk, I have a quiet word with one of the end client planners. She tells me that the software company I’m working for have extended their contract with the bank 4 weeks ago to supply 18 bodies … But which bodies is not their concern as long as the job gets done.

Hmmm I think, that might be why I’ve been helping train a few of their new staff guys as replacements.

So being a pragmatic kinda guy, I was on the job sites, looking for contract work .. Things are pretty thin on the ground out there.

That’s the reality .. Tough times out there for lots of people, contractors going staff, rates dropping with rare exceptions for niche skills.

So far you might have guessed I’m a cynic, I don’t do bullshit.

So right now I’m either going to embarrass myself telling you what happened next or you’re going to like it because some people believe in this stuff and some people never will.

Last night I was a wee bit worried about being out of work in 2 weeks time.
On the train home from work … I had a quiet wee word with my mum, we don’t talk much these days.

Kinda difficult since she passed away nearly four years ago. But she told me in a dream a few months afterwards that she will always hear me even if she can’t answer.

She knows the story, got my kids to look after, putting all attitude aside, wages are important.

Last night, I took the girls over to see my dad, he was in good form and we had a good laugh and I sorted out his new sky sports package for him.

I got home at 10pm, but at 10:30, my phone pinged and it was an email in offering me a contract extension until Christmas.

Make of that what you will.

Personally I like to think that someone up there is looking after me.

Ps it’s now 6am, been writing this since 530.

You might say that this old cynic is a bit spaced out on the happy stuff, but I’m just a happy boy.

Here’s the thing, if you believe that someone up there looked after me, Maybe you’ll believe that someone up there looks after you too.

And if you take that one step further, maybe when its your turn to go then you’ll be able to look after your loved ones too.

I know I will.

Thanks for listening.

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