Dads, Daughters, Good Times and Bullshit Excuses!

It’s my younger daughter Claire’s 18th next week,  we have a family meal arranged and she’s going out with her pals to celebrate.

However,  after passing her exams and getting a confirmed university place this week,  she told me that she and her friends were going out on Thursday to celebrate.

All good so far.

As it happens, I had a few friends over for a wee jam session,  guitars,  bass,  keyboard .. it was good fun and loud.

So I thought,  Claire’s out .. better .. no-one to disturb.

But no .. thats not what happened ..

Last night at tea time I asked her when she was going out,  she says about 9 .. as the club doesn’t open till 10.

Oh .. clubbing are we now?

As it turns out,  because some of her pals were too busy putting on make-up etc,  I only ran her to the station at 10:30 and she took part in the jam session with the boys .. a little bit embarrassed but she’s a fantastic pianist and doesn’t know how good she is ..

Anyway,  I run her to the train .. asking what time she’ll be in .. apparently the club doesn’t close til 3 .. but Claire,  that doesn’t mean you need to stay there until three.

At that point,  she threw me the rubber ear and I knew I was on a loser.

Wind the clock forward .. 5:30am this morning,  the sun is splitting the sky on a glorious day in Glasgow.

I’d just woke up and wondered if she was home,  when the door bell rings, then my mobile starts ringing.

Silly daddy had left the key in the back of the lock .. oh dear!

Wonder if that was deliberate?  🙂

As I open the door,  I’m having an internal debate,  should I ask her where she has been to this time or leave it until the morning?

I open the door and she’s standing there smiling,  but I knew I was going to get a bullshit story .. apparently the taxi from Glasgow took her and her friend to East Kilbride,  but refused to go to ours .. which is closer to Glasgow.

Mmmmm .. call her out or let it go to later?

At that moment my other daughter Laura,  who is up to get ready for her 12 hour shift as a nurse appears at the top of the stairs ..

“Where the hell do you think you’ve been till this time?”

Claire, repeats her story of taxi woe.

“Aye right,  do you really expect us to believe that crap?” says Laura with a tone of a wife who has caught her husband trying to sneak in at 5am and pretending that he fell asleep at his mates.

“Enough” I say “Did you have a good night?”


“Well get to your bed and we’ll talk later.”  and give her a wink as she passes.

Claire smiles and walks past me sheepishly as Laura gives her daggers.

Thats my girls,  I think,  nothing to worry about there.

A couple of days until Nile Rodgers is playing Party At The Palace at Linlithgow.

Niles has a distinctive sound,  played with everyone from David Bowie to Daft Punk and is part of the music of my lifetime.

I can’t wait.

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