Modern Day Neanderthals? #Football #Perspective

I happened to came acoss the following page about the Sentilese tribe who live on the North Sentinel Island somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

This tribe are one of the last Stone Age cultures in the world.  They are highly aggressive and will kill anyone who attempts to come ashore.

Following the Tsunami around 10 years ago,  the Indian govenment who fomally own the island sent a helicopter to investigate and ensure that the island wasn’t damaged,   however when the helicopter arrived at the island it could not land due to a barage of spears, stones and arrows.

I like that there are primitive groups out there who refuse to be part of  the “civilised” world.

It’s just a shame that some of these Neanderthals live among the rest of us!

How ironically despicable that this animal is a director with the World Human Rights Forum.

Read more on Sentinel Island

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