The 4am Pee and Avoiding the Cold Porcelain Cuddle … #humour

Let me set the scene .. you wake up during the night with your good lady beside you.  its dark,  but you really desperately need to pee.

At this point most guys would wander in to the loo and either ..

A – Turn the light on so that they don’t miss the bowl

B – Leave the light off and hope their aim is good

I’d like to think that most will lift the seat before doing the necessary.

And there’s the problem ..

When the lady of the house goes for her bleary-eyed pee.

She wanders in to the loo in darkness,  takes her seat,  only to be rudely awakened by the cold wet feel of porcelain on her butt rather than a relatively cosy plastic or wooden seat.

You’ve heard it all before,  girls complaining about guys leaving the seat up.

And .. you’ve heard guys respond .. if its up just put the fucker down.


In theory yes, but not at some random time during the night when you’re still half asleep and your bladder is telling you to get up or its going to take matters into its own hands.

Heres the solution ..

Guys,  when you get up during the night for a pee..

A – Do not put the light on and waken up your good lady .. cos she needs the beauty sleep obviously

B – Sit down on the seat .. if its up .. put it down and stop complaining,

C – Yes sit down,  get your dick between your legs and let it go.

D – When you’re done give it a shake and carry on as before.

That should include washing your hands you dirty bassa .. but who does at 3am?

The advantages are –

A – You don’t wake up the lady from her beauty sleep

B – She doesn’t moan about the sitting on cold porcelain

C – She doesn’t com back to bed with a cold wet butt cuddling into you to keep warm

Show a bit of consideration and give it a go.

She’ll thank you for it!  🙂

Those who feel the cold of porcelain

Sit down next to me  ..

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