How do you change the world?  …. #education #humour #perspective

Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon in the world”

Wise words from a man who changed the world by his thoughts and actions. 

Yesterday,  I was at my sons graduation, my wee boy has turned out to be a fine young man.    I’m very proud. 

Sitting there in the Barony Halls with my ex-wife and all the other proud parents what I noticed is that not only are younger people better looking than we were at that same age. 

Probably because as parents we’ve provided for them more than we had in our own upbringing when the world wasn’t as commercial. 

But what I noticed yesterday was that the diversity of people graduating was incredible. 

People of all races, colours, I dare say creeds and sexualities,  with their families and friends,  all fully loaded with their greatest weapon and ready to take their place in the world. 

The world isn’t perfect,  I doubt it ever will be,  personally I don’t want a world were everyone thinks the same or were we are told how to think and ostracised for non conformance. 

University provides a formal education but it does much more.  

It also provides the means for people of different backgrounds to come together,  develop as people,  appreciate other people’s perspective,  learn that you’re perceived enemy is just another person facing the same struggles in life as you are. 

Call me naive,  but I think while we keep educating people the futures bright. 

Right enough of that hopeful stuff. 

In reality,  my ex wife is an arse,   But that’s another story. 

Last night armed with their new educations,  my son and his fellow graduates after their various family meals all went out and got pissed together. 

That’s how you change the world,  sitting down,  talking shite, solving the worlds problems and having a laugh about it. 

It’s hard to have prejudices when you’re sitting getting pissed together?

Or banging each other?

One of the young guys graduating yesterday,  white guy with a name like Kahish MacLeod. 

A right good mix of Scottish and something else.  

He’s hardly likely to have any prejudices  with that background. 

So here is how you really change the world ..

And don’t take this the wrong way ..

But fuck everybody

Or as the big guy in the sky would say,  love everybody. 

It’s hard to feel hate when you’re giving love. 

Maybe what these Jihadi’s need is a bit of education, a piss up and a right good shag?  🙂

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