4 thoughts on “My Kind Of Meditation …

    1. Om ….

      Om ….

      Om ….

      Naaah … Fuck that!!! 🙂

      It is a wee bit of a daily ritual sitting on the train wondering why I do this, putting up with crap but that’s what we do.

      Take a deep breathe .. Think about the money and say fuck that!

      Good to hear from you Kat, hope all well in your world!

      1. The joys of being a consultant lol. My husband comes home laughing at the office politics every night. Yes I am doing ok, thank you. 🙂

      2. That’s the joys of being a “consultant”. Doing the work that we enjoy, reaping the benefits without getting involved in the politics.

        Personally, I couldn’t go back to being a full time employee.

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