Train Stories – Social Animals?

I see her every morning at Coatbridge Sunnyside waiting in the train towards Edinburgh.

I’m a creature of habit, same route, same time,  I even wait at the same spot on the platform,  positioned just where the doors open.

Pretty dull eh?

What happened to writing about concerts and sex?  🙂

I’ll need to get back to that!

But cut me some slack, the trains usually packed and my motivation is for easy access and to grab one of the few remaining seats on the 45 minute journey east.

She’s tall, long dark hair, pretty face, dark eyes , early 40s, no sign of a ring on her finger.

She’s dressed casually as always.

I’ve no idea what she does but it’s not as restrictive as my place where dress trousers, smart shoes and a formal shirt are mandatory.

As if that makes your work better?

Feck right off ..

But we conform as it pays well
Each morning she stands five yards from me on the long platform with only a few other souls taking the last train that will get you there before 9.

Conforming has its limits.

As the train arrives, I step forward anticipating where the door will be,  not that there’s any rush,  hardly a packed platform pushing ahead of the queue.

She steps forward too, now a yard or two to my right as we wait for the door to be activated.

The light comes on and I press the button to open the door, then step back gesturing to let her board first.

She smiles a shy smile,  the slightest whisper of a thank you and I respond with an appropriate no problem.

Most of the time we sit separately and that’s the end of our interaction.

But today’s as availability would have it,  we are sitting directly across from each other.

As I sit, she smiles and pulls in her long legs to give me easier access.

To my seat, not her legs .. Jeez!

Then we sit in silence, occasionally making eye contact and looking away.

Man the so called social animal, hampered by convention and peer pressure that we sit in silence rather than do the simple things that God put us on the earth to do.

Deliberately naff song choice today

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