A Tale Of Two Lovers? … #poetry #dating #perspective

We had the best of times
We had the worst of times
That’s the reason she’s an ex

We had lots of fun
Kissing in the sun
But some god damn awful sex

But as trivial as it starts
Soon she’s ripping love apart
The insult trickle becomes a flood
Soon she’s baying for my blood
Then I’m walking out her door
Push my foot down to the floor
Making vows not to return
Wondering will I ever learn?

Damaged people can be savage
When they carry heavy baggage
Maybe you’ve made the same mistakes
Hanging around with lying fakes
The poison words in their voice
Hurts and leaves you little choice
So now it’s time to start again
Will we be lovers or just be friends?

Let’s share the best of times
Forget the worst of times
And leave our past behind

We’ll have lots of fun
Kissing in the sun
And maybe get it right this time?

A wee bit of credit to one of my favourite books,  Charles Dickens’ A Tale Of Two Cities for the title and opening lines.

If you’ve never read it,  a previous blog about it here


Nice version of Wicked Game by the gorgeous Lana Del Ray

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