The Gift Of Giving? …. #humour #perspective

You know,  life is often hard,  sometimes cruel.

Do you ever feel that when bad things happen,  they never seem to come on their own and it’s as if a wave hits you ..  you bump your car, a few days later it breaks unfixable, car gone, bills for this,  that,  the next thing.

I’m just using a small personal example,  it’s only a car,  but an expensive fuck-up nonetheless.

I’m sure you like most people have your own,  maybe struggling to find a job,  while there are bills piling up at the door.

Maybe you put the brave face on it,  not wanting to show vulnerability,  as if thats a weakness.

Is being vulnerable a weakness?

It is certainly perceived as a weakness when people already have their own issues and society has expectations that we look after ourselves and no-one wants to hear someone moaning about their own unfortunate situation.

I’m guilty of hiding vulnerabilities,  I keep it inside,  all that positive stuff that I believe in helps with the pain,  but the pains still there.

Fortunately I’m pragmatic,   resourceful,  when shit happens,   I try to fight through it,  because when other people rely on you, what else can you do?

Hopefully you’re the same,  but we aren’t all as fortunate.

I’ve just came across the following touching video,  a small act of kindness to a random homeless stranger .. it turns out the guy didn’t want the money,  he really preferred to have some time with someone,  that he wasn’t alone.

Now I’m not advocating sitting down in the street with random strangers,  that’s complete madness and unlike the guy in the video,  we don’t have a film crew as back-up if things go wrong.

But the idea of helping out people who are less fortunate than ourselves,  more needy than we are,  somehow just seems the right thing to do.

I’ll tell you this,  in case you don’t know,  but there is something wonderful in giving without expecting anything back.

A surprise gift,  big or small,  just when someone needed it or least expected it,   is much more welcome than the expected birthday or Christmas gift.

Maybe you should try it?

A small donation to a random stranger and brighten up their day?

My new car fund has just started .. please donate to the paypal account below!    🙂

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