Love Is A Battlefield!

Just read an interesting article on the New York Times website on ‘ghosting”,  a term thaat I hadn’t heard of previoiusly.

But just because its a term  that I haven’t heard of doesn’t mean that I haven’t did it or been on the recieving end of a “ghosting”.

Basically ghosting is when someone drifts off from their partner/boyfriend/date with no goodbye,  no formal termination of the relationship,  regardless of it length and the ghoster blocks all contact  with or at least no longer corresponds with the attempts by the ghostee to retain contact or find out what happened to them.

For the ghostee on the recieving end of this treatment,  it can be confusing seeing the ghoster on social media wondering what went wrong,  if they had said or done the wrong thing and why no explanation was forthcoming.

Have i been the ghoster or ghostee,  left wondering what happened to the person?

Yes, to both,  but only in those case were a fledgling relationship has never really got off the ground,  perhaps were either or both parties realise that its going nowhere or not what they want and take the easy way out disappearing without a difficult goodbye .. or because there is nothing else to say.

Not really nice to be on the recieving end,  particularly if you are taken by surprise.

But thats life in the big ciity,  where todays technology makes finding new relationships like picking something from Amazon.

The downside being that beig a ghostee can have an impact on someone’s self esteem unless they are a strong person,  if thats the case,  probably best not to play the game.

iIn my experience,  what goes ruound comes round,  karma is a fair umpire and we all break even in the end.

We just didn’t have “formal” terms for it before .. so its good of the NYT to keep us up to date!!  🙂

Not heard this song by Pat Benatar for ages – Love Is a Battlefield.

Just noticed that the choreography on this from 3:15 looks remarkably like Michael Jacksons Thriller video.

No real surprise when a little wiki-research shows that they were both choreographed by Michael Peters.

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