Train Stories – Fat Arse?

Okay I’m going say it ..  

Not popular or controversial as it may be. 

I hate fat people. 

There you are,  it’s right out there now. 

Can I take it back?

Do I want to?


Fuck you fatty. 


Because your big fat arse is taking up two seats on a packed train leaving lots of people standing including the pregnant woman next to me. 

You look up and you see her,  but do you make an offer, no you don’t, you lazy arrogant good for fuck all fat wanker. 

Thankfully the young woman across from you gets up and does the right thing. 

Fat bastard. 

Do I really hate fat people?

Not at all, that would be stupid, blinkered, judgemental when you or I don’t know their personal circumstances and none of us are perfect. 

But despite all that,  I find this individual disdainful,  not because their fat, but because they looked up and looked away when the right thing to do was make the offer. 

Aah, but I’m kidding, were you not listening?

Stop being so fucking judgemental,  you don’t know this persons individual circumstances so  don’t judge them. 

So now I’m standing and their taking up two seats,  should they pay double the price?

If it was your business and they were taking up two seats preventing you from selling a ticket to another paying customer would you double charge them?

Should the airlines?

I don’t think so. 

That’s just unfair for people who are probably having hard enough time making a living and keeping their health without ripping them off any further than necessary. 

Maybe the airlines and rail companies should think about making the seats bigger and giving us all a wee bit more room. 

Anyway,  who are you to talk?

Who am I?

Two weeks ago I was at my heaviest ever, I felt like shit,  carrying an extra half stone affects you,  can’t imagine what it would be like with more. 

Or worse the amount this person is carrying. 

A few extra pounds and you’re shirt or waistbands tight.  

A few extra stones and its a new wardrobe. 

Or like this person you’re wearing slouchie sports wear because that’s all that fits you.    

Today, I’m down half a stone, doesn’t take much, bit of exercise, cut the sugars

I’m lucky,  maybe you are too. 

So next time you see a fat person on the train, maybe count yourself lucky that your journey isn’t as difficult as theirs.

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