Dealing With The Curve Ball?

Sometimes, don’t you find that life just throws you a curve ball?

Out of nowhere, unplanned, didn’t see that coming?

I crashed my car on Tuesday night, first time I’ve had any kind of bump in almost 30 years since I passed my test.

So the “didn’t see that coming” part is pretty literal!

Problem being is that I should have seen it coming!

I rear ended the person in front of me as they had slammed on their brakes because the person in front of them … because ..

No excuses .. Hands up .. My fault .. No argument.

The good thing is that it’s really only minor damage and no-one was hurt, it’s just a car right?

But the damage might be enough that the insurance company write the car off.

Now that would be a bummer .. Because although the bonnet is a bit twisted and there’s a few scrapes at the front, the car still drives fine.

I’ve had this car since new in 2006, it’s a great car, Mercedes, smooth, black, top of the range sports saloon at the time.

I’d be sorry to see it go.

But there’s a positive side .. Of course there’s a positive ..

These curve balls come at us now and then and it’s how you deal with them that’s important.

I’ve been holding onto the car longer that I normally would, partly because it’s a great car but also because I’ve been paying hefty school fees for my daughter.

Coincidentally, with Claire just finishing school, I have no more school fees .. Yaaay!

Doesn’t exactly mean I’m off the hook though. .. Does it?  🙂

So either, I buy her a small car for her 18th and teach her to drive in that.

Meantime, I use that as a run-around, cos I’ve still got my TT for fun and it’s time I started driving it more.

Or I think feck it and go after that Audi A5 Quattro, 3 litre diesel that I’ve been gawping at!

Or that more practical Honda SUV that I kinda like.

Or ..

The point being, I didn’t really want to change my car, but its kind looking that way, I can either sit moaning about it, or be pragmatic and get on with it.

When life throws you a curve ball, take a deep breathe, adjust your position and belt it right out the park.


Tonight,  Toni Visconti and Woody Woodmansey of David Bowies Band The Spiders From Mars play Glasgows ABC. 

It’s basically the same show as last year featuring The Man Who Sold The World album in its entirety then various other Bowie hits

Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17 takes the Bowie role with Steve Norman from Spandau Ballet on sax and guitar. 

It was fab last year and looking forward to tonight’s performance.  My review from last year is on here somewhere. 

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