Work Stories – Commercialism?

Last week in the office,  I heard someone blabbing on labout Fathers Day or any other “day” and all the fake sentimentality that goes along with it.

I get that, the world has become so much more commercial than when I was a kid. There are cards for everything now and a large part of it does seem pointless and contrived.

Typically this person, a young IT geek, bleating on about how commercial the world is, has no kids, it made me wonder if he never had a father too?

As a dad, I don’t need to receive a card or a gift to feel loved. It’s the simple things such as time spent together that make us happy.

Yesterday, I woke up and went downstairs to make a cup of tea to find my daughter Laura had left a gift and a card for me, before she went off to work her shift at the hospital.

The gift was the usual Fathers Day fair of a “Best Dad In The World” mug, socks and a key-ring that I’ll never use … but that’s mot important .. What is important is the thought and the lovely message that was in the card.

Simple things, mean more than any lavish gift.

As the day progressed, I had a lovely message from my son Steven. No gift or card, but I’d take the message any day. It’s good to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Before lunch I had messages from my 3 kids, then spent the afternoon at my dads bowling club watching him host a tournament the he funds. The tournament is open to all of the clubs around Glasgow and there were a few hundred people from various clubs all enjoying the hospitality.

Personally and to my fathers disappointment, I can’t stand bowling .. Or the way that “boolers” allow this stupid game to overtake their life’s.

But yesterday, surrounded by my dad, uncles, brothers, cousins and my own son, what I realised is that it gives the focus for a family day out of fun and banter, renewing old ties and meeting people that I’ve known as a kid that are members of my dads club.

You can’t buy that.

I even met my dad’s friend Brian. the fist time that I’ve met him since his wife and friend of mine Irene passed away. We chatted about how he was doing and how he missed her and he said to me that he heard I was pretty choked at the time as she was a friend from my childhood.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that his missus, the beautiful person that she was, was the first girl that ever kissed this boy. Not that there was anything in it but it didn’t seem appropriate. ( See link for more)

As the bowling progressed, sure enough and much to the disdain of the many of the members, both teams who reached the final included family members, my uncle and team vs. my cousins and team.

Dad was in his element, surrounded by a large part of the family including his only surviving brother, my uncle Eddie. He had a good day and was a little bit gassed by the time my son Steven and I ran him home stopping in for fish suppers along the way.

By the time I got home, Laura was back from her shift and I had all 3 of mine with me for a little while before Steven went home and Laura and Claire disappeared off upstairs to do what they do.

Fathers day .. Commercial .. An excuse for cards and fake sentimentality?

Not in this family, probably not in yours either.

For me it’s as much about being a son as being a father and spending time with the people who matter to you most.

Speaking with the IT geek this morning his weekend was riding his bike down a mountain.

Good for him but given the choice of his day or mine,  I know which I prefer.

My dad loved Sinatra and went to see him any time he could,  Glasgow or At The Royal Albert Hall, London.

Fond memories of him singing all the hits and somehow I seem to have the words and romance of these songs engrained in my head too.


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