Ode Tae A Glesgae Burd! ………… #poetry #humour #Glasgow

I love you mair than Irn Bru
I love you mair than Scooby Doo
I love you mair than my tatty scone
I’l love you till my last breathes gone

I love your face,  your big bahookie
Your eyes, your nose, even when it’s plookie
When there’s a crisis
it’s never a drama
That to me, makes you a brammer

I’ll love you mair and mair each day
Till the seas gang dry or come what may
If Love is madness
You’ve made me mental
Since that first date at Champagne Central

For anyone non Scottish, or anyone who is but wants a laugh,  have a look at the Scottish dictionary below  ..


The first thing I actually wrote was in Champagne Central  ..




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