Would You Change?

Just heard the new Brandon Flowers single I Can Change.

It starts slow and perks up to the typical Killers type anthem.

However, without that Bronski Beat back-track it’s just dirge.

But the message made me think,  the poor guy in the song is promising everything to the girl and how he can change for her.

Would you do that?

Would you change everything to suit the object of your desire?

Not me baby .. this is it,  I didn’t get this far to change for anyone.   ( Maybe thats why you’re on your jack – Ed! )

Well okay .. a wee bit .. I’ll tolerate those we annoying things that you do that start off as cute and will become a pain in the ass.

I’d even tolerate someone’s cat.

Well you kinda have to tolerate kids .. thats part of the deal.

But how far would you go?

On the flip side of that,  how far would you accept someone who doesn’t meet your critera?

One of my best mates is a chain smoker,   his missus is desperate for him to give it up,  but he’s always been smoker,  long before she came along.

At the wedding,  he promised to give it up but 6 years later ..

Why try and change someone from what they are?

Why change who you are to suit someone else?

Naaah .. fuck that .. if life learns you anything it is that you can’t be anything else but yourself and you should expect the same from other people.

Anything else just creates internal conflict as someone isn’t being themselves and the relationship is doomed.

Next song on was this version of Diamonds by Josef Salvat .. how lovely is that?


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