Dads, Daughters, Mums and Proms.

I don’t often speak about my marriage ..

So why change that now!

Tonight is my younger daughter Claire’s 6th year prom,  she’s nearly 18,  sat her final exams and leaving school for university soon.

The past month or so she’s been making regular withdrawals from The Bank Of Dad for all things prom .. dress, shoes, bag,  hair, make-up .. other stuff I don’t need to know about .. the works.

You do this once .. so you do it right .. right?

The only fly in the ointment is that despite the girls asking her,  elaborating that she’d be more than welcome,  my ex Alison isn’t coming to see Claire off,  family pics and glass of bubbly.

Thats a real shame and the wee one has been quite upset and hoping she’d change her mind.

Alison and I were together a long time,  but the divorce was messy,  being self-employed I was financially shagged .. but thats okay .. as I once said to my Alison my ex .. it’s only money,   you can’t buy your soul.

The irony being that when all the deals were done,  I’d bought my current place and had agreed to continue paying the family home on a 10 year deal so that the kids wouldn’t be impacted any more than they already were,  they then decided to move in with me.

Now that’s okay with me .. never had an issue with that .. in fact its the opposite .. its a joy, a bonus,  a delight to see my daughters most days except for the few days they go to their mums and then its good to have some down-time.

I have 3 kids,  Steven 25, Laura 24 and Claire 17 .. for each of the elder two’s 18th, 21st and graduation,  we’ve had family dinners and Alison has always been made welcome.

I think thats the right thing to do.

But tonight,  for the final prom,  to see her youngest daughter dressed in her finest and looking like a princess she’s decided not to come.

It doesn’t matter what her reason is .. days like these come but once and both Mum and Dad should be there in my book and she would be more than welcome at mine.

Now, Claire is upset with hours to go,  getting ready,  she’s just back home from the make-up artist and well .. it’s caked on .. but what do I know?

I’m taking her to her friends later,  she’s meeting her date and then a limo into the Glasgow Central hotel .. I’m sure it will be a fantastic night … but I feel for her.

I’m sure that she’ll have a great night and enjoy the after party too.

Proms .. after-parties .. limos .. when did all that start?!!

I’m on taxi duty later .. and also on boyfriend watch .. go on wee man .. just try it!   🙂

My wee girls are all grown up .. it’s part of life .. my job is making sure they are sensible and safe and she’ll be fine.

Right now .. Laura is helping Claire get dressed .. I can hear them giggling .. I think everything going to turn out okay.

Anyways .. it’s Friday .. the sun is shining over Glasgow and everyone is in shorts including me .. why can’t we have this all the time.

Just heard this on the radio.

Come up and see her,  make her smile.


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