Work Stories – Species?

So I’m working with this girl ..

Well I’m not .. 

But she is working in the same area as me, 3 banks of desks forward and one bank over.

She’s about 25 years of age, pretty face, long dark hair, 6’4 in her heels, exceptionally tall, shapely, perky boobs in her wonder-bra, and a lovely round bottom, which is accentuated by the fact that she has a very slim waist that exagerates her long undulating curvature.

Are you drooling yet?

Well all us guys in the office are!

Sometimes as she’s walking I notice that I’m not the only guy looking and if she passes, heads turn.

If you’re a girl .. I wonder if you are a little bit jealous?

Today, she’s wearing this bright red clingy dress, verging on backless .. Her golden skin looks flawless from neck to just above her waist.

I immediately reassesed my opinion on her wonder-bra .. Nice!

I just happened to be walking behind her ( honest!) and as we approached my desk, there were a few knowing looks and smiles from the boys .. Thinking that I had deliberately chosen to follow her footsteps.

I hadn’t .. Well okay I’d held the door for her as any gentleman would .. But that was merely coincidence!

Anyway, what’s the point of this story?

I dunno .. I kinda forgot!

Oh yeah, the point was ..

Should there be a ban on extremely good looking girls dressing like that and drawing attention to themselves at work?

It’s clearly having a detrimental effect on production as the guys constantly ogle.

Let me answer that for you.

Don’t be so daft . Let the girl wear what she likes .. Nobody here is complaining!

But just so that we can’t be accused of being sexist …

What if this was one of the guys flashing his body?

Who cares .. I don’t look at guys!  🙂


Anyhoo .. Did you hear about the 90 year old guy who shuffled along to his doctor and says,   

Doctor, doctor, last night I had hot passionate sex with this beautiful 25 year old woman.

The doctor says ..

That’s wonderful .. But why are you telling me?

He says .. I’m telling everybody! 🙂


Yeah I know it’s old but kinda fitted.

Right back to the grind!!

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