A Saviour Or Survivor? ….. #poetry #humour #relationships

He wrote …

Hi honey,
how’s it going?
I hope all is well with you

I’ve been out of touch
But did you miss me much
Is that 5 years since we’ve been thru?

So how has it been?
I hope you’re living the dream
and life’s been good to you

How’s the kids?
How’s your mum?
I’d love to hear what’s new?

All’s fine here
I never change
Still footloose and fancy free

I’m just back in town
And was feeling down
Do you ever think of me?

Remember those nights
We hit higher heights
Than we’d ever hit before

I remember you going insane
And repeating my name
As you were crying out for more

But enough of that
I just want to chat
Would you like to meet for coffee?

Let’s meet at nine
And share a bottle of wine
I hope that’s not too bossy

Please say you’ll come
It will be a lot of fun
I’ll be on my best behaviour

I know I let you down
And was a bit of a clown
But I need you to be my saviour

She replied …

Fuck off you hopeless selfish two-timing cheating using bastard!!  🙂

Now tell me this .. isn’t that always they way .. that eventually the cheater wants to come back?


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