Hey Gorgeous …

Hey Gorgeous ,..

Yes you. …

Maybe you’re not feeling 100 percent today,  maybe you’ve looked in the mirror and thought …  Fuck,  is that really me?

But don’t let that mirror fool you. 

That’s just a 2D image of what you are at this moment,  with your hair sticking up and your wrinkles showing under harsh bathroom lighting. 

Just give yourself a little time to scrub up and you’ll look fantastic. 

Besides, the real you,  the 3D walking, talking, dancing, moving, smiling person that you are cannot be captured in mere 2D. 

So learn to appreciate yourself as you are. 

Cos I’ll tell you something .. In 10 years time, you’ll look in the mirror and wish that you look like you do today. 

Enjoy your day gorgeous!  🙂


Love this song by Rod Stewart,  very reflective in his old age but can still put out a tune!

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