Train Stories – Headphones?

I cannot do it ..

I cannot do it to myself or do it to my mammy ..


It’s taken me years to get out of that loop and I’m not going back in it ..

No, I’m not

Now that I’m out of it,  it’s just relief ..

Relief ..

Yes,  it is,  and I’m feeling good about myself.

No I’m not coming to meet you.

No I’m not,  I shouldn’t even be speaking with you now ..


Fuck .. I shouldn’t be upset or letting you upset me ..

No … I don’t fucking want anything to do with you!

She looks up and gazes round the packed carriageway,  people doing their best to ignore her outburst although they heard every word of half of that conversation.

She looks at me momentarily,  I meet her eye and move my hand to my ear, smiling.

A flush of embarrassment appears on her face as she realises that headphones are only good for controlling the other side of a conversation.

I’ll need to tell you my own headphone embarrassment ..

My face is red now thinking about it!  🙂

Love this song,  not heard it for ages


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