Take A Breather?  .. #poetry #perspective #humour

She’s like a feather in the wind
Pressure blowing her to tears 
I see the conflict in her eyes
I feel her anxiety, her fears

She puts herself second 
Because that’s what mothers do 
Always working hard and smiling 
Cos she’s a daughter and lover too

She can’t do everything at once 
Because she doesn’t have the time 
Yet she tries her very best 
As if failure is a crime 

If I could help her then I would 
But she’s determined not to fail 
That strength can be a weakness 
When her stress is off the scale

I wish she’d take a breather 
Relax and take her time 
So I’ll treat her like a princess 
Next time she comes to mine

I’ll have flowers on the table 
And dinner on the hob 
And later in the bedroom 
I’ll show her my big … TV?

Struggling for a word there, can you help? 🙂

That went kinda wrong somewhere didn’t it?

Different competing pressures act on people at a certain age, more so on women than men as generally they have more of an active role in dealing with their kids, ageing parents, keeping a job, maintaining a relationship. 

As a guy it’s important to appreciate that and treat the girl when she has some time to give.  

Treat her like a princess and let her forget everything else for a while. 

The last thing the girl needs is more pressure than she has already. 

 Love this song


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