Answering The Tigers Call?   … #poetry #humour #sex

We made love in the kitchen
Casting shadows on the wall
She came on me like a tiger
How I love her mating call. 

We made it hard in the hallway
Standing up against the wall
When she came she was dizzy
I held her ass to break her fall

On the stairs she was resting
As I fucked her slowly from behind
But when I came she backed in to me
And blew my little mind

In the bedroom we were cuddled
In the afterglow and chilling
She says she wants to do it again
I just hope my body’s willing!

Tiger, Tiger burning bright 
In my bedroom late at night 
What slow hand or tongue
Could ease thy aching symmetry 

Sitting on a train writing this stuff, what the feck!! 

In the shower this morning listening to my iPad on random, I heard the following song by the legendary Minnie Ripperton from the soundtrack of Tarantino’s Jackie Brown. 

Such a sexy sexy song.   

I’d bet that you didn’t know she had anyother  songs apart from Loving You ( is easy cos you’re beautiful )

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