Train Stories – Natural?

She’s standing beside me now,  this young girl,  18 years of age tops. 

When I say she’s standing beside me,  she’s actually a few feet away outside the shelter at Coatbridge Sunnyside waiting on the train heading towards Edinburgh. 

She’s petite,  5’2″,  just a few inches shorter than my own daughters.  

She’s dressed in black from top to ankle,  black jacket, black skinny jeans. Silver ballet pumps on her feet.

No attempt to make herself taller. 

What made me notice her,  what initially drew my curious eye,  is her hair which is draped over her shoulder in long dark ringlets stretching to the small of her back.  

Her colour is natural,  as are her curls.  

She’s made no attempt at following fashion straightening them or applying colour. 

She’s a younger version of Allanah Myles singing Black Velvet or the Irish Coleen from The Black Velvet Band whose eyes shine like diamonds. 

Her hair frames her classically beautiful face,  high wide forehead,  perfectly elegant nose and full lips. 

Again she’s made no attempt to enhance her features with makeup. 

It starts to rain,  a small dense drizzle which can soak you without realising it.  
The train is due in a few minutes,  I’m enjoying the rain in my face and feeling it in my hair. 

Surprisingly the young girl stays where she is and doesn’t rush for the shelter like a million other woman would. 

Petite,  beautiful and carefree. 

They say that beauty is skin deep. 
I’ve no idea what this young girl is like as a person,  that really beauty comes from within. 

I kinda agree with that. I’m sure you do too,  it’s difficult to argue against. 

Although it does help if that inner beauty is wrapped in some pleasant packaging!

But what I really like about this young girl is she is completely natural, no enhancements. 

I’d bet she doesn’t know how beautiful she is. 

I wish that more young girls like my elder daughter didn’t feel the pressure to enhance their beauty,  wasting time, effort and expense colouring their hair, plastering their faces in makeup trying to achieve the airbrushed looks of women in magazines. 

Somehow it’s became lost that being their own natural selves is the most beautiful they can be. 


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