Dads, Daughters and Palative Pride.  

Some day,  I’m going to be giving my daughters away .. Which is a weird phrase because I’ll always have them with me,  right at the core of my heart. 

My two wee girls are growing up,  Laura, 24, the nurse came home from work tonight, tired after a 12 hour shift looking after old people at the end of their life’s at the hospital where she works. 

We sat and had dinner and she told me what it’s really like watching people get closer to dying every day,  being close to them,  watching them fade away then crying for their loss or working 3 12 hours shifts, a couple of days off and the person is gone replaced by someone else and the pattern repeats. 

She told me of the pain that people suffer,  the ridiculous things that the doctors do like issuing antibiotics to prolong the persons life when in reality there is no hope and what the nurses do to provide that last few days of comfort. 

Having lost my own mum a few years ago,  unaware of what was happening when they moved her to a private room,  hoping she was on the mend when what was really happening was they were giving the family some privacy in those last few days as they turned the morphine up and mums breathing got shallower and faded away. 

I’ll tell you this,  I couldn’t do what Laura does and be close to that every day,  watching people fade away, families lose their loved ones. 

She does this for a fraction of what people like me get paid in banking or IT where what we do has no consequence whatsoever. 

But that’s a different story for another day. 

I’m just proud of my son and my daughters, growing up,  making their own way in the world and standing on their own two feet. 

Some day,  my girls might choose to get married and when they do I hope I can give as good a speech as this guy. 

Ps – it’s now 4am, I’m now wide awake,  she’s upstairs sleeping,  today is another day, another 12 hour shift.     I couldn’t be prouder.

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