Living The Life You Love?

Love The Life You Live?

Live the Life You Love?

Isn’t that some good advice?

Don’t just go stumbling along from day to day,  make the effort,  stay positive and be what you want to be.

Every now and then I ask myself the following question ..

Q1 – What is it that I want?

Pretty open,  covers all circumstances,  family,  relationships work.

So first you decided what you want,  setting realistic goals .. chances are that you ain’t ever gonna be a football player,  rockstar or super-model.

How about a better job,  more money,  a better life-style?

Thats when the second question applies ..

Q2 – How do I get from where I am now to where I want to be?

Obviously that depends on all our personal circumstances,  but one things for sure,  nothing will change unless you make it change.

You need to get out there,  do it, make the effort,  educate yourself,  work hard, or even better work smart.

If you do something you don’t really want to do,  change it.

Change isn’t always easy,  setting realistic goals helps,  then taking small steps to get from where you are to where you want to be.

If you make the effort then you will succeed, no doubts about it.

Anyway on the same theme,  living the life you love .. this weekend is a perfect storm of music,  family and football.

Tonight my boy is coming over to watch the famous Glasgow Celtic with me,  Tomorrow a David Bowie tribute are playing The Ferry in Glasgow and Sunday,  family for dinner then Bryan Ferry at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

Fantastic .. I’m loving the life!

One of my favourite and most under-rated David Bowie songs Stay from the Station To Station album featuring Earl Slick on guitar.

This week has passed me so slowly ..


5 thoughts on “Living The Life You Love?

  1. Hi from Canada. Are you sure that Bryan is performing this Sunday in Edinburgh or on the 24th of May …next Sunday. 😊

  2. I’am at that stage guys where I don’t need to impresse anyone. If you like me as I am perfect .. If not Adios .. Simple .. 😝 “

    1. That’s absolutely fine Kate. In lucky to be at that stage too. But I was thinking about people who aren’t happy with aspects of their life and wanting to make a change.

      I like change, it’s not to be feared but embraced, like shedding your skin and moving on.

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