No Longer Blinded?   .. #poetry #humour #romance

No Longer Blinded?

From the bottom of my heart
Without thought for myself
No hate, spite or agenda
I wish you well

I wish you love, health and happiness
I wish you joy, hope and success
I wish you everything that you ever want
Except for myself

So good-bye,  good luck and all the rest
I played my part, I did my best
I’d love to say that it was fun
But it wasn’t

So now I hear you think revenge
But there’s no point trying to avenge
You’d like to say you hate my guts
So I’ll say it first

I hate your guts, your body too
Your smile, your face
Every part of you

I hate those empty droopy breasts
Your fat arse and all the rest
and how you pretend they’re not?

I’ll say good-bye now my dear
But just so that we are clear
It’s not like me to be unkind
But my love for you it 
made me blind 

Now I’m Not!

Where did that come from?

I taught myself how to play the following on piano the other night,  Hello Again by Neil Diamond,  a very emotive song about contacting an ex because you miss her.

I don’t miss my ex at all,  quite the opposite, so flipped it around for fun.


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