Until Tomorrows Tomorrow?   .. … #poetry #romance #humour

Who said that love lasts forever? 
I wonder
In all that time you’ve lived 
Have you not learned a thing?

Those first flushes of youth 
The familiarity of marraige 
Those later uncertain passioniate throes 
Lust dressed up as love is very foolish thing
Who needs it?

Who needs the grief and insecurity?
Who needs sleepless nights?
Your heart aching
Your head full of unanswerable questions?

Yet what are we without it?
The smile on our face
And the beat in our chest
The throb and ache below

Maybe it doesn’t last forever
Maybe you are lucky if it does
But if it lasts til Tomorrows Tomorrow
Then I will be with you. 

Or maybe your sister!!  🙂

No idea where that last line came from!


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