A Valuable Lesson … … #poetry #humour #perspective

Girls like her
Guys like me
I just didn’t think it happened

A clever word
A beaming smile
And reasons I never fathomed 

They had their doubt
What would come about
But that only made us stronger 

Now she’s by my side
And will be my bride
Til death we part or longer

So I’m telling you
As we say “I do”
Don’t ever stick with second

Cos the girl that’s right
For your hearts delight
Is wiser than you reckoned

She’s kissed a few
George, Brad and Hugh
But they’ve always treated her less than

Now she’s with you
Because you’re straight and true
And that’s a valuable lesson 


Some people don’t understand why not so good looking guys pull great looking girls 

The reason is because they treat them like priincesses and don’t mess them about

A wee song to go with the above


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