Friday Night Football?

I’m a Celtic fan,  always have been, always will be.

i don’t often write about football,  apart from the odd piece on the possibility of playing Rangers newco,  the hatred that their fans bring to these events and the impact on Glasgow after these games.

I never write about the content of a game,   There’s no point as their are lots of professionals or bloggers with better insight than me

The truth is,  I don’t really care about the detail,  it doesn’t really matter to me who we sign,  how well or badly they played as individuals,   I’m well passed throwing plaudits at well paid mercenaries who kiss the badge.

What does matter is how we play as a team,   That we are winning,  bringing young players through and progressing.  The hope being that we can offer more of challenge in Europe and still be in competition after Christmas.    That’s my current benchmark of success,  no delusions of grandeur here.

I was sceptical about the appointment of Ronny Delia,  that wasn’t helped by some of the early performances and being knocked out of both UEFA competitions with dismal results.

But we seem to have turned a corner on that,  a couple of new signings,  players looking fitter,  showing the right attitude and most importantly playing as a team.

Last night the sun was shining over Glasgow,  but there was a bitter cold wind when the sun died down

This was the first time I can remember playing in a Friday night except for a preseason friendly against Fulham about 15 years ago.  That was a good night for reasons other than football .. on here somewhere.

But last night,  meeting my son and friends,  before the game, good chat,  great result and then going for a curry and a few beers afterwards ..

I could get used to this Friday night football,  better than giving up a large part of Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing this lady tonight, supporting Take That at The Hydro .. wonder which one I’ll enjoy most?

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