Train Stories – Working From Hone?

Beep  .. 

Morning ..

Morning …

Beep .. Who’s there ..

It’s David .. Andy

Sorry is that David?

Yes I’m here

Who else is ..

Beep .. Its Colin

Hi Colin

Beep .. Good morning Trish here .. Is there anybody there?

Hi Trish,  it’s Colin,  we have David, Andy and ..

Hi Trish,   its And..

Beep .. Hi John here,

Hi John …

Beep ..

The last day of week one in this bank I”m working at .. My team are largely working from home as they do on Fridays.

Unfortunately I can’t do that as I don’t yet have my remote access SecureIID through yet.


The office abnd the building in general is pretty empty ..huge offices,  thousands of people and most aren’t in.

Sitting here in the office,  on our usual 9:30 call,  the first 5 minues wasted by people ot dialing in on time then going over the pleasantries and the stuff they missed.

Working from home is such a bonus,   particularly on a Friday and a long lie after a long week.

Followed by an early start after the weekend as no travelling .. 

And if you’re really clever,  you batter in and get your work done then more or less have Friday off.

Well that’s my plan!    🙂

This clip sums up a typical conference call perfectly.


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